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CORP association

CORP – Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning, Association for Promotion and Research of Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society.

The CORP association was established for solely non-profit purposes in accordance with federal law.

Its activities are not-for-profit and are aimed at studying, supporting, developing, promoting and consulting on spatially relevant issues related to the fields of urban planning and development, regional planning and politics, urban and environmental technologies, sustainable development and environmental protection, geo-information and geo-data infrastructures, cultural heritage, information society and knowledge society.

The association is a union of physical and legal persons from the areas of economics, science and government who are jointly interested in the interdisciplinary further development of knowledge and promotion thereof in the afore-mentioned fields. A central issue is the close interconnection of science and research with the economy and government whereby the independence of science and research stands at the forefront.

The association seeks close and comprehensive collaboration with similar organisations and institutions. It represents the discipline of spatial planning and all the previously stated fields in international conferences and professional organisations. The goals of the association shall be achieved through the following:

  • organisation of and collaboration on professional events including especially scientific events, conferences, symposia and lectures as well as assemblies, press conferences, coffee klatches, excursions, workshops, seminars and literary groups
  • Collaboration on studies, peer reviews and research projects, cooperative agreements with institutions that have similar interests either domestically or internationally
  • Publication of printed notices, development of a homepage, diverse publications and other forms of promotional work aimed at creating a communications platform for the discussion of planning relevant issues
  • Establishment of a communications network
  • Promotion of the fields of urban and regional planning, spatial planning and consultation on and support thereof related to spatial planning issues
  • Research into the application of new media in the planning, research and development of new forms of communication and participation in planning (i. e., moderated and mediated communications processes)
  • Bridging academic studies with professional practice domestically and internationally
  • Research into the consequences of information and communications technology in spatial development and research and promotion of the protection of cultural heritage